The Unforgettable Flash Drive

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The Unforgettable flash drive does not allow you to forget she in another computer.

The Unforgettable flash drive starts a timer immediately after the information stops being written or read. If the flash drive is not remuved of the computer, then the sound signal.

If you need to disable this feature, then the flash drive has a special toggle switch for this.

Materials: Silver, Ebony (black wood)
Silver weight: 22 g
Storage capacity: 32 Gb
The Unforgettable Flash Drive. Design by AlestRukov
The Unforgettable Flash Drive speed tests. Design by AlestRukov
At the time of its creation (2012, Summer), the Unforgettable flash drive was one of the fastest in the world.
The cover for Unforgettable flash drive. Design by AlestRukov

For individual tuning of the flash drive, she is have the schild for the sign by owner. This is using laser engraving followed by rubbing with silver paint.
The cover is made of genuine leather.
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