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Design a product for industrial productions

If you plan to produce your product in large quantities and focus on industrial production, then this should be taken into account in the design initially.

Manufacturability, cost of production, product life cycle up to its disposal — must be taken into account when designing.

The full design cycle includes:

  1. Clarification of the task together with the customer, joint writing of the Design Task (aka the extended Terms of Reference);
    It is extremely important to be on the same wavelength and speak the same language.
  2. Conducting a Design Study, refinement of the Design Task based on its results, if necessary;
    A very important step that can change a lot in a Design Task.
  3. Designing a Concept (if necessary with prototyping) and checking its compliance with the Design Task;
    Sometimes the Design Task can be solved in different ways, at this stage the path to the goal is chosen.
  4. Prototyping product to a working prototype. May include prototype testing by consumers;
    The more iterations at this stage, the better the result is obtained and more money is saved in the end.
  5. Supervision on start-up production
    Sometimes you can lose important things when starting a series, then supervision is needed.

Design a unique or small batch product

For such products apply different production technologies than for products of industrial production.

There are not only limitations, but also opportunities. For example, the widespread use of natural materials: wood, stone, etc.
Technology implies a greater amount of manual labor, and hence the possibility of customization of each instance

The design cycle similar a industrial product, but the steps can be simplified according to the scale of the task.

If the production technologies required for you coincide with my products, I can additionally help with the production of your product.
I will recommend a reliable manufacturer or produce your product in my workshop.

Design Audit,

I can make audit for your project at any stage and give your an independent assessment.

I will help to avoid mistakes, will give recommendations for the your project.