The watch is a mysterious device. It is designed to bear as many of owner's personality traits as possible. It has a unique construction and is a base for experiments.

"Raketa" 2623. Н with two shockproof devices, specifically improved to work with the wheels. It has a power reserve and increased accuracy (delta about 10 seconds per day).

titanium (VT-22). This alloy is notable for extra strength. It is used in jet engines and rocket production.

Watch glass:
sapphire crystal and can only be scratched by a diamond or another sapphire.
ARwatch - top view. Design by AlestRukov
The basic movement ("Raketa" 2623. Н) was developed in 1969 under government contractual work for the Soviet polar explorers, submariners, pilots and astronauts. It is characterized by its safety and reliability.

Before using the ARwatch, the basic clockwork is completely disassembled and improved.
ARwatch - disassembled. Design by AlestRukov
After improvement for working with the discs (they are much heavier than clock hands), the clockwork does not lose its power reserve (42 hours). Its accuracy advances up to ±10 seconds per day.
ARwatch - movement. Design by AlestRukov
A minute disc is hung on the pins and located at the same level as an hour disc. Therefore, the hour disc is placed inside of the minute disc. As a result, the sizes of the indication symbols on both discs are the same, improving readability.
ARwatch - disks. Design by AlestRukov
The indication symbols are cut through the discs and filled with luminophore, a luminous material. Bright turquoise backlighting allows the user to see the time display in the dark, which can also be used as a torch.
ARwatch - in night. Design by AlestRukov
One of the strongest and most difficult in processing alloy — titanium VТ-22 is chosen as the material for the case. Usually it’s used in jet engines and space technology. The design of the case gives ample opportunities for decoration, including lettering and patterns on the case circle.
ARwatch - production. Design by AlestRukov
The lugs for the strap are assembled on the case by way of pins and screws. They have a double curve, which makes them very time-consuming to produce and affects the overall cost of the case.
ARwatch - case. Design by AlestRukov
ARwatch - case2. Design by AlestRukov
But owing to mountable lugs on the strap, the final touch to the case’s surface turns out beautiful.
ARwatch - case3. Design by AlestRukov
Hand of seconds
The only hand of the watch is the second-hand and it changes colours depending on the angle of light. It can go from black to burgundy-red. In case of a stony look to the watch, the hand has a flicker effect.
ARwatch - second hand. Design by AlestRukov
Watch strap
The watch strap is made of unpolished stingray skin and calf (underside part). The strap fittings are made of titanium.
ARwatch - ctrap. Design by AlestRukov
Basic model
This watch is the basic model which was used to improve production. The watch image can be changed in a wide range. The design allows each watch to be personal and unique. Stamping, notching with other metals and even inlaying with precious stones — everything is possible.
ARwatch - on the hand. Design by AlestRukov
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