The flask is a very versatile object.

Table light — the brightness of the glow allows you to read from a paper sheet and see the characters on the keyboard.

Night light — the brightness of the glow can be adjusted to a comfortable and there is an auto power off function.

Desk organiser — the sizes are designed for pens, pencils and markers.

Vase — you can pour water and put a flower to give a romantic mood.

Size: height 123 mm, diameter 100 mm
Charger type: Qi standart
Work time: from 6 to 12 hours
The Flask-[µ]. Design by AlestRukov
The Flask inside. Design by AlestRukov
In the lower compartment, isolated from the total volume, there is a wireless charger coil, a battery, a control board, LEDs and a ring diffusing light guide.
The project for sale. Or I consider the possibility of a collaboration to launch a series.
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