Roll-clock Geometrica

In the Roll-clock, the hour hand is replaced by a rotating clock face.
The current time is displayed at the top, in the center.
Over contact of axice and clock face.
The minute hand is standard, as in normal watches.

The body of Roll-clock Geometrica is made of lightweight concrete. Concrete is treated to prevent dust formation..
The dial and the arrow are made of aluminum alloys. The arrow is satinized and anodized, the dial is matted and covered with a clear varnish

Dimensions and shape of the Roll-clock Geometrica depend on the current time and position of the dial.

Roll-clock Geometrica is available in gray and white colors.
Gray color can have different shades on different parts of the body.

White color has a more lined structure than gray and resembles a gypsum stone.

Price: 295 EUR or 365 USD

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